Saturday 21 February 2015

Week 35 + 3 days: Very special arrival

This date will forever be the most wonderful date in our lives. On this date we became mum and dad to two beautiful babies. We are pleased to announced the arrival of our son and daughter.

Emma & Shlok

We sing hymns of praise to God for the arrival of our darling baby boy Shlok and our gorgeous daughter Emma, who both make us complete.

Shlok is a Sanskrit word meaning Hymn of praise to God and Emma means complete.

We arrived in Delhi on the 22nd of January, thinking we might have a week or two to relax before our babies arrived. 2 days later our babies arrived into this most amazing world. How lucky were we to be here in India. We have had a wonderful journey into parent hood over the past 4 days, we are completely in love with our children, our hearts are endlessly filled with love for them.

Saturday 17 January 2015

Week 33: Shhhhh its a surprise

"Shhhhhhhhhhh its a surprise" was on this weeks activities calendar at work.

My husband and I, with our wonderful family run a nursing home. Its a small boutique nursing home that we have had for the last 26yrs. We just love it.

The residents, families and staff are our extended family. This week I just happen to notice an activity starting at 1pm "Shhhhh its a surprise" well didn't this just have me playing Sherlock all week. I was asking everyone, families, residents and staff what was going on. No one knew anything about it...Apparently.  So I'm working in the office and the team ask both myself and my darling husband (yes we work together and have done so for the past 11yrs) to stay in our office for about 30mins. mmmm What could be going on?, but to be honest we didn't give it a second thought as we have so much work to do before we leave for India. Then a knock on our door and we were asked to come to the lounge room.



Everyone, and I mean everyone - Residents, Families and Staff were all in the lounge ready to party. It was a baby shower party! We were so overwhelmed, I burst into tears. We could not believe that our nursing home family and friends created such an event. There was cake, chocolate fountain, champagne, games and gifts. The team managed to get baby photos of Sam and I and have them floating around the room. It was a very special afternoon and a party that we will cherish FOREVER!

We can't thank everyone enough  for all the support and encouragement they have given us over the past few years. It really is one big family.

Also a big thank you to Mrs N and Ms S the secret party organisers for creating such a wonderful event. You two are just amazing and our residents are so blessed to have you coordinate their daily activities with so much enthusiasm, excitement and creativity. Mrs N and Ms S you ROCK!


Week 32: Cricket

Milo vs Lassi

Its been a cracker of a cricket season here in Australia. Of course I go for Australia and my darling husband "bleeds blue" goes for India only when they are playing against each other, otherwise he does go for Australia.  This is one of many reasons why we are suppose to have twins! Girls or Boys my darling husband will be putting a cricket bat in their hands before they can talk and walk. I'm looking forward to playing back yard cricket with our kids. Its something we both have imagined for so many years, and perhaps by this time next year we might be playing with a bat & ball. Or at the very least everyone will be dressed up in Aussie cricket gear watching the Boxing Day test and eating christmas left overs.  So did you grow up as a Milo kid? I wonder if in India if they call cricket training for kids "Lassi Kids"?

Friday 26 December 2014

Week 30: Nursery Creations; Drawers and Celebrations

My beautiful cousin B, came to visit last weekend with some friends in celebration of graduating med ical school. Our first doctor in the family, and I'm sure many more to come. Cousin B is highly intelligent - of course goes without saying she is officially a Doctor, but she is also gorgeous, funny, great sense of humour, and down to earth. cousin B and I decided to put the twins chest of drawers together.

Cousin B took the lead - she is a Doctor after all, and I was her side kick. we laid out all the nuts and bolts, screws etc on a mat - really the instrument table. Cousin B followed the instructions and I passed her the required piece. It was like playing surgery in the nursery with furniture. Great experience, Cousin B was very methodical, very relaxed (mmm no matter what your profession is, it takes great self awareness to be relaxed when putting Ikea flat pack furniture together) and most of all focused. a few hours later and we were done. YAY! no tears, no swearwords, no tantrums, just good old fashion chatting, laughing and hanging out together. Cousin B will be known as Aunty B to our babies, such a delight to be able to tell them their Aunty and I created the drawers for their clothes.

Week 29: Nursery Creations; Cots and Viable Babies


Our babies have a place to rest their weary heads. Sam and I spent over an hour trying to choose the perfect cots. there are just so many choices, sleigh style, ones that convert to toddler beds, white, oak, ones with coloured rails, oh the list goes on. I left this to Sam to decide on the cots as he is very practical and has good taste in furniture. We spent a friday night hanging out in the nursery putting the 2 cots together, thank goodness it was just bolts and an allan key. Nothing too stressful nor complicated. It was great fun putting the cots together, feels so real now that soon 2 tiny people will be coming to our home and living with us. Its a dream almost coming true!!!

Samosa Babies Update:
Our latest scan results show the babies are growing well and our surrogate Mrs U is healthy and doing just fine. YIPEE - we have viable babies.
Twin 1: HR - 148Bpm. Weight - 1250grams
Twin 2: HR - 154Bpm. Weight - 1169grams

Week 28: Baby Shower

Its our baby shower today, we are super excited to be able to experience this one time event and share it with family and friends. We aren't having the 'usual' style of party, afternoon tea in the garden type event. We decided on yes a garden party, but one at night and with endless drinks flowing. candles everywhere, the tables covered in blue and pink shiny confetti shapes of crowns, balloons and swirls. and glitter. my gosh the glitter was everywhere. This set up made for us the perfect baby shower.

We had wonderful food prepared by my long time friend of 20 years Mr C and his partner Mr M. Gravy for the lamb made by Mrs M's mum, the best gravy in the world. meatballs by Mrs D and the lamb cooked by both Sam and our mate Mr M. Top job everyone. We wrapped up the party at around 3am. I think this may be our last big party night in a long time.

Well....come to think of it, our next big party night will be with 2 tiny people with milk flowing and lots of cuddles - as much as we enjoy going out and having a party, we are truly looking forward to our night parties with our samosa babies.

My dear friend Mrs M, made the most delicious cake. white chocolate mud cake covered in hundreds and thousands. Its a freckle cake! I'm amazed at how she got those tiny hundreds and thousands all over the cake.

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us, one of many celebrations we will have over the coming months. And a big thank you to all the lovely gifts we received, we feel blessed to have such wonderful support from you all. XOXO

Thursday 13 November 2014

Week 24: Getting our baby schooling on

We joined the Perth districts multiple births association this week and went to the Expectant parents meeting. This meeting and organisation will probably be the best source of information and education for us in being prepared for our babies. We signed up for the 2 year membership. The group is runned by parents of multiples where they share their experience and tips on saving money, being organised and challenges they have found.

A very good childhood friend of mine Ms K had twin boys 11 months ago.  I have been very fortunate to be in contact with her, in fact so fortunate that I got to have a sleep over this weekend and have hands on experience with her darling boys. I wasn't sure what to expect, except for being busy, which I knew would be a given. What I did find out was how much I really enjoyed playing with them both. Yes its a lot of work, but it was so much fun and an absolute joy. I was up with Ms K at about 5:45am, yes even on a sunday morning. we got them out of their cots, played with them, fed them,  we played some more, they had bath time, giggle time, singing time, milk, changed nappies (and they were very patient with me, sincere thanks Master D and Master P) and down for a morning nap at 9am. Watching the boys interact with each other in such a loving way, and giving lots of cuddles was just special. I'm thrilled we are having twins, we are ready for 2 babies to cuddle, giggle with and most of all love on every day.

It's double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you're blessed with twins. 

- Author Unknown