Saturday 21 February 2015

Week 35 + 3 days: Very special arrival

This date will forever be the most wonderful date in our lives. On this date we became mum and dad to two beautiful babies. We are pleased to announced the arrival of our son and daughter.

Emma & Shlok

We sing hymns of praise to God for the arrival of our darling baby boy Shlok and our gorgeous daughter Emma, who both make us complete.

Shlok is a Sanskrit word meaning Hymn of praise to God and Emma means complete.

We arrived in Delhi on the 22nd of January, thinking we might have a week or two to relax before our babies arrived. 2 days later our babies arrived into this most amazing world. How lucky were we to be here in India. We have had a wonderful journey into parent hood over the past 4 days, we are completely in love with our children, our hearts are endlessly filled with love for them.


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  2. Congratulations!! Enjoy this very special time getting to know each other.

  3. Congrats. Very very happy to know about the arrival of your son and daughter.Convey our congrats to your husband and your family. Take care of the babies. Our love and blessings to lovely and precious babies.
    How is your surrogate?